The devil on a pillow

Who wouldn't want the sinister devil on a cozy pillow?  It will scare off other demons and evil creatures. Rest soundly that the big d is watching over you but definitely will want your soul in the end.  


Kiss a Bobby day

Here's a new illustration that was inspired by Banksy.  I love his work and message.  I like to recreate his style in my own style.  I thought about creating this as a pillow.  Let me know what yiu think.  


Have you seen Mouse?

My new Book is epic. Have you seen Mouse? Your heart will melt with magical chocolates.  

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thank you. 

 Have you seen Mouse?: The adventures of Mouse.


by Eric Rosner




The dog.  

The dog.  

Early art: mini sub

Here's the first art from Little Chicken goes to the bottom of the Ocean.  

I first illustrated this mini sub and that started the idea for the book. I illustrate first  then scan and color  it in the computer.  



Announcing my next book!

My next Little Chicken book is on. Join me on the journey. I'll be posting my developments and progression. The book is tentatively titled. Little Chicken goes into a. Black Hole and lives to tell the tale. Or something like that.   

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Ask me any questions about Little Chicken. I'm currently writing the next book.  I will be uploading concept art soon. Thanks for your support. 

Little Chicken goes to the Moon.: Exciting adventures for kids aged 3-5. Space, funny and thrilling stories. 

by Eric Rosner 



3 Things you didn't know about old New York City.

The old NY Post Office. 

Yup this used to be the old post office in NYC.  It was a huge beast of a building that was located near City Hall.  I sure wish it was still around.  Sadly they tore it down and built the current one at 34th st.  Sad

The Gilsey House

This building is super cool.  It was the first hotel in NYC to have phones in the room.  Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde used to hang here.  It still stands at the corner of Broadway and 28th St.

The Puck Building

The home of the fabulous Puck Magazine, THE magazine for political satire at the turn of the century.  I beautiful building that still stands on Houston St.